Positive theology in Christ

15. Jan, 2014

“Too human” is a song written originally in Portuguese by the Brazilian Catholic priest Fr. Fabio de Melo.

“Too human” is an amazing reflection on the Christology.

May we see God in Christ more fully and desire to become more like Him this coming New Year!

“Too human” (Humano demais)

I keep trying to understand
How could Your eyes see
That woman in the crowd
Who was already condemned, I think,
But there were still the things to do
There still remained some value
And when you fixed your eyes on her
No doubt, all will be well

Your perplexing love,
The power that repairs the world
Returned the life into her eyes
To her, who was condemned before,
And had accepted herself to be a sinner

I must confess, I do not understand it!

I’m too human to comprehend
too human to understand
the way you chose to love the undeserving.

I’m too human to comprehend
too human to understand
That those you chose and took by your hand
Are those whom I would not want by my side

I’m surprised to see again that You
Traded the saints for Zaccheus
And many doctors for Simon
Some priests for Matthew
And even on the cross, amid the pain
A gesture reveals who You are:
You turn a thief into a friend
And you steal his heart

And so you have been just the opposite, the reverse of the reverse
And more I force myself,
Less I am sure I know You
Your pallets are deep, but I see only the shape
When you see the heart, I see the image

Author – Fr. Fabio de Melo (Brazil)
Translation – Alesja Lavrinovica

Fr. Fabio de Melo (Brazil)

Alesja Lavrinovica, the redactor