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Bishop Gerhard Ulrich to Latvian archbishop Jānis Vanags – “our relationships after your decision can no longer continue without change”.

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A brief history of women ordination in Latvia (2015 conference material)

28 July 1975 in an expanded Consistory meeting, the issue of women’s ordination was discussed as the second point of the meeting. After each participant had spoken on this issue, archbishop J. Matulis said: “If you will be against this issue, then I will announce an extraordinary Synod and the Synod will give women the right to be ordained.” In the larger Lutheran countries, like Germany and Sweden, women were already being ordained. It is possible that the most important aspect was that the Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church outside Latvia also was starting to ordain women. In 1974 the first LELCOL woman – Agnese Pone – was ordained. Before the historic voting „for” women’s ordination, J. Matulis said: "This we need to do – to involve women in pastoral work.”

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